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Drawing Machine

"Drawing Machine" A drawing machine that viewers control using their hips and their hands. 2008

Another Door

"Another Door" A large interactive structure that consisted of inter-connected doors. As viewers moved through the space they would open and close the doors resulting in opposite actions elsewhere in the structure. 2011

Please Remove Your Shoes

"Please Remove Your Shoes" A water soaked rug. 2010

Balloons in a Room

"Balloons in a Room" Over 1000 balloons in the gallery. 2010

Mattress and Chair

"Mattress and Chair" Viewers pulled themselves back and then flung into the mattress. 2012

Load and Unroll

"Load and Unroll" Unlimited supply of toilet paper to load and unroll to your hearts delight. 2009

Cardboard box with Packing Peanuts

"Cardboard box with Packing Peanuts" An oversized box full of packing peanuts. 2009

Performance in one hour

"Performance in one hour" A potential performance that never took place, except for in the minds of viewers who imagined it in the anticipation of it actually occurring. 2010

Focal Point

"Focal Point" Cardboard arrows pointing to a podium with the artists signature.

No.332 Line4

"No.332 Line4" A quote taken from Da Vinci's notebooks and then realized in actual form.

Art For Myself

"Art For Myself" A grant funded hot air balloon ride, because I am an artist and I wanted to ride a hot air balloon.

Arrange and Drop

"Arrange and Drop" A selection of hand cast vases and fresh flowers. Arrange a bouquet and destroy it! 2010

1352 Cubic Feet of Helium

"1352 Cubic Feet of Helium" A giant balloon struggling to break free.

Three Points

"Three Points" Crumple and Shoot 2012

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